The Trans-Iowa Canal CompanyTM -- Comedy Theater with a Science Fiction Twist

The Trans-Iowa Canal CompanyTM (TICC) is an eclectic collection of science fiction fans that enjoy parodying science fiction literature, tv shows, movies, and fandom in general. Originally formed in Iowa City, in 1980, its first performance, at ICON VI in 1981, was entitled "Smart Trek." In the past twenty-five years the troupe has grown, with both a Western company, based in Des Moines and an Eastern company, based in Iowa City. Over 170 actors, two stuffed fish, and an inflatible doll have participated in more than 65 performances at science fiction conventions. Fans from Minneapolis to San Antonio and from Chicago to California have been subjected to our plays.

If you'd like to invite TICC to perform at your convention or event, or if you'd like to get involved in our own brand of silliness, please contact us at info@trans-iowa.org.

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